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Loughborough Junction Refurb

A flat in the top two stories of a fairly typical Victorian terrace house. Prior to renovation there were two small bedrooms, with low ceilings, inside the mansard roof.

Some structural alterations opened up the roof space to its full height, and the layout of the flat was flipped with the bedrooms moving downstairs and the kitchen and living area taking advantage of the newly spacious upper floor.

This is where I live and work, and on this project, as well as the design, I carried out all the building work myself. It took a few years to complete, living on the premises and doing the work room by room.

An important part of the alterations was the installation of insulation well beyond the minimum required by building regulations, internally, to the existing walls and roof. Insulating old buildings can be challenging, technically and practically, but the reward is a space that stays warm with very little heating during the winter, and which unlike many roofspaces does not overheat in summer. As an essential part of the insulation work, a lot of effort was put into achieving a high level of airtightness in the construction. Combined with a careful ventilation strategy this ensures energy is not wasted through leaky walls. Technical issues relating to the insulation project included some concerns about the effects on the existing walls and monitors are embedded in them to track any changes.

The project was featured in the 2013, 2015, 2016, 2018 and 2019 Open House London events.